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Peter F Gallagher

Peter designed this course, he consults, speaks, and writes on the Leadership of Change®. For the last 30 years he has worked in over 30 countries for some of the world’s most successful organisations. Peter’s PURPOSE is to improve the Leadership of Change®, he aligns and prepares leaders to effectively and proactively deliver their organisation’s change, improvement, or transformation successfully.

He is a change management global thought leader, guru, expert, international corporate conference speaker, author & C-suite adviser.

Ranked #1 Global Thought Leaders and Influencer on Change Management (2022-2021-2020) ~ Thinkers360.

Listed #1 Change Management Guru (2022) ~ leadersHum.

Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2022 and 2023 ~ leadersHum.

Named 2023 “Top 30” in Leadership ~ Global Gurus.

More About the Day IV: Change

a2B Change Management Framework®: The a2B Change Management Framework will be central to the learning and will be supplied to the participants.  It starts by aligning the change with the organisation’s strategy and vision, moving through to successfully closing and sustaining the change. It covers forty key change management implementation concepts in detail, which include sponsorship, change history, communication, change planning, readiness, resistance, developing the new skills and behaviours, as well as adoption.

Optional Supporting Textbook: The Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Volume® 3 can be purchased separately.

Who is Change Management Gamification for?

It is suitable for change professionals, leaders or managers who are involved in organisational change, HR or organisation effectiveness professionals, project managers, lean practitioners or anyone considering a career in change management or wanting to know more about practical change management implementation. It is also suitable for university students or anyone studying an MBA.

Change management gamification enables experiential learning using a case and stakeholders to learn both change leadership skills and knowledge. The participants will be equipped with change leadership knowledge, experience, change mangement models and tools which will enable them to be successful in leading organisational change and transformations. They will become more aware of how to manage stakeholder resistance, expectations and feelings as they try to achieve their organisation's vision and employee change adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

     What do I receive upon successful completion?

You will receive the Leadership of Change® digital credential/badge.


 How long do the videos last?

There are 28 short, sharp videos which complement the curated text – not longer than five minutes each.


     What do I need to complete to gain the digital credential badge?

You need to successfully complete the multiple-choice assessment, with 80% correct responses.

The exam questions are based on the content presented in the learning videos.


     What approach or methodology is the course based on?

This mini masterclass is based on my book: Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Change Volume 3

The methodology follows the a2B Change Management Framework®.

Terms of Use

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Note: This course focuses on practical organisational change implementation, working with the sponsor and leaders to deliver sustainable adoption, benefits realisation and return on investment (ROI). It is not touchy feely, nor does it focus on facilitation skills or isolated workshops that involve sticky notes.
License: Contact me directly to understand how to attain a Leadership of Change® license.